April 2013

April 1, 2013, by admin

U-Vint Operations in Nova Scotia

As Wine Kitz Regional Director, I, and the owners of the four Nova Scotia Wine Kitz locations would like to thank Darrell Dexter and the NDP government for their intervention in the NSLC civil court actions against us.

We strongly believe the acceptance and legalization of in-store u-vints services will create a win, win scenario for stakeholders, employees and consumers alike. Many business and employment opportunity will be created by this decision.

With the above decision, we now look forward to operating as a bona-fide industry.. As owner/operators we are now on a level playing field with our neighouring provinces and can finally offer Nova Scotians the same in-store winery services offered in New Brunswick and on Prince Edward Island.

We also look forward to working alongside the policy makers to bring regulations forward to formally legalize in-store u-vint services in Nova Scotia. In the interim, as owner/operators, we will continue to abide by the regulations outlined in the Excise Act 2001.

Blair Sampson

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~ Blair Sampson

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